The Christian Approach to Dating: A Guide for Singles

It is essential for Christians to seek the Lord's guidance when considering a potential spouse, rather than relying on the often fruitless and dangerous dating game. This requires a lot of grace, wisdom, and patience to find another single and pious person of the opposite sex. Love for Jesus and the desire to live according to God's will must come first. Some Christians take comfort in the idea that God will do the heavy lifting when it comes to dating. However, Christians must view dating differently than the world, which promotes sexual impurity and immorality.

There are many myths that make dating difficult for Christian singles, but let's focus on five of the main ones. The Lord is not pleased with the casual dating scene in which professing Christians find themselves immersed and with which they are apparently quite comfortable. While Christians can participate in dating, there is no biblical promise or guarantee that every Christian will have a spouse. Even if a Christian is dating a believer, they need to be aware of the other person's relationship with God. This often leads single Christians to date someone out of pressure to get married, often just to have sex within marriage.

Although these Christians may still date with the intention of finding someone to marry, there is still a chance that they will remain single for part or all of their lives. In this overwhelming sea of methods and rules, many Christians wonder what the Bible says about this much discussed topic and how they should approach dating. Biblical dating assumes a context of spiritual responsibility, as is true in all other areas of the Christian life. He shared that many of his friends and fellow professing Christians had already married and played the dating game until they “hit the jackpot and found their spouse.

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