Christian Dating: 10 Tips for a Godly Relationship

As a follower of Jesus, it is important to look for godliness in dating. The Bible does not promise or guarantee that every Christian will have a spouse, but it does provide guidance on how to approach dating. Here are 10 Christian and godly relationship tips to help you navigate the dating scene. First, do not yoke together unevenly.

This means that you should not date someone who does not share your faith. It is important to be ready for a godly love life before you start dating. Second, it is OK to date. You can go bowling or watch a movie and then go home.

These activities do not go against things you believe in. Third, remember that you are not the same person you were five years ago. Your interests, friend groups, desires, and even personality will change as you move through life. Fourth, when it comes to Christian dating rules for adults, there are some tips for girls to prepare for.

These include being aware of the pressure and shaping moments in your life, and viewing dating differently than in the world which promotes sexual impurity and immorality. Fifth, biblical dating assumes a context of spiritual responsibility. This means that you should be responsible for your actions and decisions when it comes to dating. Sixth, be prepared for dating. If you are not ready to find the person who could be your future husband, then you should not go out until you are comfortable doing so. Seventh, have an open mind when it comes to dating. You might not have a framework for dating as a Christian and you're not sure where to start, or you might have grown up with too many different tips and are now afraid of making a mistake. Eighth, be honest with yourself about what you want out of a relationship.

Do not settle for someone who does not meet your standards. Ninth, be honest with the other person about your feelings and intentions. Do not lead them on if you do not plan on pursuing a relationship with them. Finally, pray about your decisions when it comes to dating. Ask God for guidance and wisdom as you navigate the dating scene.

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