What Makes a Christian Marriage Strong?

Trust is the foundation of any successful marriage, and it is especially important for Christian couples. A husband or wife must be able to rely on their partner to be honest and open about their thoughts, feelings, successes, and failures. When we make our vows at the altar, we promise to remain faithful to each other for as long as we live. Loyalty and fidelity are essential for building trust in a marriage, and once broken, it can be difficult to restore.

In order to make a marriage work, couples must be creative in finding ways to spend time together. If you can't have a 3-hour appointment, have a 20-minute appointment. If you don't have money, light candles, make popcorn, and sit in front of the fireplace after the kids are in bed. If any of you are traveling, schedule a video conference at any time you can.

Humility is also key in making a Christian marriage strong. We must remember that we are all imperfect and that we need to rely on God's grace and mercy to help us through difficult times. We should also strive to keep Christ at the center of our lives and apply biblical principles to our marriage. Finally, couples should pray together regularly.

Studies have shown that couples who pray together have a much lower divorce rate than those who do not. Praying together helps couples stay connected and strengthens their bond with each other and with God.

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